Internal Network Hardware

A wide variety of hardware is used throughout the network at different stages. Each of our server cabinets is controlled by an Alteon 184 Web Switch, with either a FE (100Mbps/s) CAT5 uplink to the network, or GigE (1000Mbps/s) fiber uplink, depending on bandwidth requirements. For normal applications, the Cisco 2924XL-EN Managed Switch is used for connectivity from the Alteon; for higher performance applications Dell PowerConnect 5224 Managed Switches with CAT5e (1000Mbps/s) ports may be used.

External Network

Depending on your specific bandwidth requirements, Internet connectivity can be provided through a variety of means. Most common is through our primary circuit provider and can be cross-connected with either a Fast Ethernet (FE, 100Mbps/s) connection or Gigabit Ethernet (Fiber, 1000Mbps/s). If a completely dedicated circuit is necessary, rack space can be made available in the Telco racks to provide T1, DS3, or other types of dedicated circuit access.

Data center connectivity utilizes Self-Healing Alternate Route Protection (SHARP) which allows multiple OC-12 (622 Mbps) circuits to Phoenix Main via diverse routes. The service is provisioned using fiber optic systems based on Synchronous Optical NETwork (SONET) technology.
  • Establishes two physically separate routes for the working service path and the protect path
  • Reliability - 99.86 percent error-free seconds, measured on a 24-hour basis
  • Availability - 99.99 percent, measured on 12-month basis
  • Bit Error Rate - one bit per billion (10-9)
To see a map of Limelight Networks global network infrastructure, please click here.

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