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The RackSys and Limelight Networks Partnership

RackSys is Limelight Networks' preferred partner to provide managed server solutions from their Tempe, Arizona facility. Limelight Networks a leading network provider for bandwidth intensive Internet applications, and holds the leading marketshare as a carrier of streaming Internet radio content. Limelight counts MusicMatch and Radio Free Virgin among its clients that rely on Limelight' high capacity network infrastructure and data center operational experience.

RackSys and Limelight have a uniquely structured relationship, based on years of working closely together. Racksys' managed services expertise combined with Limelight's data center operations and solid network infrastructure provides customers with a full complement of integrated services.

Data Center

Your Internet application, service or website is only as good as your data center. This doesn't mean buying the latest and greatest router from the next hot company, but instead focusing on designing a robust, redundant network and housing facility built around proven technology.

The data center facility includes:
  • Liebert ACs with chilled water for climate control (N+2)
  • Redundant power provided by UPS for stable uninterrupted power (N+2)
  • 800KW Caterpillar standby generator on-site with automatic power transfer
  • Controlled access, man-traps at all entrances
  • Video surveillance on exterior and interior, including all rack rows
Internet Connectivity

Depending on your specific bandwidth requirements, Internet connectivity can be provided through a variety of means. Most common is through our primary circuit provider and can be cross-connected with either a Fast Ethernet (FE, 100Mbps/s) connection or Gigabit Ethernet (Fiber, 1000Mbps/s). If a completely dedicated circuit is necessary, rack space can be made available in the Telco racks to provide T1, DS3, or other types of dedicated circuit access.

Data center connectivity utilizes Self-Healing Alternate Route Protection (SHARP) which allows multiple OC-12 (622 Mbps) circuits to Phoenix Main via diverse routes. The service is provisioned using fiber optic systems based on Synchronous Optical NETwork (SONET) technology.
  • Establishes two physically separate routes for the working service path and the protect path
  • Reliability - 99.86 percent error-free seconds, measured on a 24-hour basis
  • Availability - 99.99 percent, measured on 12-month basis
  • Bit Error Rate - one bit per billion (10-9)
Fire Suppression

Fires can normally be easily extinguished, but the collateral smoke and water damage can be disastrous. Only a very small amount of water is necessary to short circuit electrical systems and smoke circulated by cooling equipment can deposit destructive contaminants inside as well as outside of hardware. The data center is equipped with multiple chemical-based Fike FM-200 Fire Suppression devices, located throughout the facility to ensure rapid deployment in the event of a fire.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

While a rack may be cookie cutter and fit any server, Service Level Agreements (SLA) shouldn't be. Every client has different needs and requirements, and RackSys understands and addresses this by helping to create and define a unique SLA for each customer.

Managed Firewall

Managed Firewall services provide your company with one of our in-house security experts to help design and deploy a firewall solution to deal with your specific application. Once the firewall is deployed, your network perimeter is monitored 24x7 to ensure nothing gets through as well as being your first line of defense in case of attack.


All racks are four-post locking cabinets with full front and back access with removable door. Access between adjacent cabinets is also available to allow inter-connections between racks in a controlled and secure fashion. Power is supplied to each rack from two separate 120V 20 AMP power drops on two different circuits, with a total of 12 outlets on side-mounted panels.

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