E-mail Server Migration

General Information

We are changing our email server from the prevous Linux Server running free OpenSource software to our new state-of-the-art Windows 2000 Server running the Industry's best Email Server, Imail. Imail is extremely fast, stable, secure, and has many features like WebMail and WebAdmin which make it easier to use.

A few of your Email Client (Eudora, Outlook, Ect.) Settings might have to be changed in order to use your Email account when it has been moved to the new email server.

Although your Email Program's settings might look different then the ones pictured here, all Email clients need four specific settings to function correctly:

1. An incoming or POP3 server.
This should be
Your current settings might match the above.

2. An outgoing or SMTP server.
This should be
Your current settings might match the above.

3. A username.
This should be
This setting has changed! You will need to add the after your username.

4. A password.
The password you normally use when checking your email.
If your password does not work, try entering pass as the password
If your password still doesn't work, try the alternate settings.

Your settings should look something like this:


Please note that username should be your email login ID and that should be your domain name.


Alternate Settings

In some rare cases you might need to configure both the POP3 and SMTP settings as as shown below.

Alternative Settings

Email On The Old Server

You can check any email on the old server with the following address:

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